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accessory mode

How Long Can a Battery Last on Accessory Mode?

The incorporation of many elements into contemporary cars has changed driving and introduced new difficulties for drivers in the ever-evolving field of automotive technology. Among these characteristics, Accessory Mode (ACC) is particularly noteworthy as a practical way to power electrical devices without using the engine to its maximum potential. A

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car battery fail

8 Common Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail

When our cars do not start, the hopes of a pleasant ride might be quickly dashed, and the reason why we are stuck most of the time is usually a dead car battery or some other form of car battery problem. Today, we will take a deep dive into the

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battery impact on environment

The Environmental Impact of Old Car Batteries

In the landscape of automotive technology, the surge in electric vehicles (EVs) prompts a significant question: Are electric car batteries bad for the environment? Hailed for their role in reducing carbon emissions, are they truly eco-friendly, or do they harbour environmental drawbacks? The widespread adoption of EVs signals a fundamental

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battery disposal

Tips For Properly Disposing Of Old Batteries: A Responsible Guide

Living in an age dominated by technology, our reliance on batteries has become an integral part of daily life. From powering our vehicles to energising essential household devices, these portable energy sources offer unparalleled convenience. However, with this convenience also comes the responsibility of properly disposing of old batteries. If

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car battery replacement

Emergency Situations: Car Battery Replacement on the Spot

Stuck on the side of the road with a dead car battery is one of the most terrifying scenarios in a person’s life, where every journey has its unexpected twists and turns. When the heartbeat of our cars, the car battery fails us. Being able to change a car battery

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Fuel and battery

The Connection Between Battery Health And Fuel Efficiency

In the intricate world of automotive components, the car battery holds a significant role in determining the ease of starting your vehicle and its overall fuel efficiency. The relationship between battery health and fuel efficiency is often overlooked, yet it forms the backbone of a well-functioning vehicle. The question is, does

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test battery

How To Test A Car Battery At Home

Car batteries play a crucial role in a vehicle’s operation, but unfortunately, their lifespan is finite. Batteries must be regularly tested and charged since they typically last no more than five years under optimal conditions. In this blog, we will explore all the basics of car battery testing and how to check battery

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bad car battery

Can a Bad Car Battery Affect Engine Performance?

Going on the road only to be met with the silent rebellion of a dead car battery is a universal frustration. But what if the repercussions of a bad battery extend far beyond just a stalled engine? Let’s dive into the intriguing world of how a weak car battery’s effects spread further

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